One of the impressive benefits of the residential solar panel system is that it significantly lowers the energy bills. Your savings will start building up from the first day of installation. Energy rates from utility companies are in an upward trend in the recent years. However, regarding solar panels, the source of energy is from the sun, so you don`t have to be paying any bill and no fear of energy rate increments. This might sound incredible, but a solar power system can reduce your monthly electric bill by 70%. For instance, if your monthly bill is $200, it implies that you could save up to $2,400 in one year. Thus, you will be able to save more for yourself and your family. In case you did not know, net metering allows you to save much on solar panels. If you cannot exhaust your stored solar energy, the net metering allows you to release the excess energy captured by your solar panels into the local energy grid. The excess energy will be available for use by other homes and businesses. Hence, you will receive retail rate payments from the electric companies.

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